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Pat Bells - 8 Bells

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You probably know at least some of the ways that music benefits children. Just listening to music can evoke and calm emotion, train the ear, and provide immense enjoyment.

Playing an instrument refines motor skills, teaches listening, problem solving, and assists cognitive development.

Sometimes, it can be disheartening for little people to play an instrument. Learning an instrument takes time and when they don’t turn into Mozart or Charlie Parker after the first or second lesson, they can feel disappointed and want to give up.

That’s where we can help, by providing you with this set of 8 high-quality tap bells. They’re easy enough to be played by almost anyone! Instead of tapping with a mallet or ringing with a handle, the bells play by a simple tap of the ‘button’ on the top.

When played in order, the bells play a perfectly intonated C-major scale. There’s definitely nothing sketchy about the pitch here. Each set includes:

  • 8 hand bells comprising the notes of a C-major scale (C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C)
  • High quality materials, such as ethically grown and sourced beechwood
  • A set of easy to read, colour coded ‘song’ This enables children to not only play songs with their bells, but begin to learn sheet music reading
  • A sturdy, bright carry case to keep them safe

🎁 A popular choice with parents and grandparents for that main birthday or Christmas present. 

🎓 Much loved by educators and play centres across Australia.

This is one of those breathtaking, high-quality items that will be passed down through generations. 


Suitable for ages 3+. Always to be used with parental supervision. Items should NOT be used for teething.   

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