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Pat Bell Shelf

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Playing an instrument is incredibly beneficial for children.

A common (and understandable) comment from parents, is that learning an instrument can be difficult, and children can become disheartened and give up quickly.

The pat bell shelf is the perfect introduction to playing music in their childhood years.  

Made from high quality, solid beech wood and with expert craftsmanship, this piece will last through the rough and tumble hands of our little ones, and be passed down through generations to come.

Each bell is played with the gentle tap of a wooden knob, which means anyone around the age of 12 months can create a sweet sound.

When played in order, the 5 bells play an ascending or descending D pentatonic scale (D, E, G, A, B). You can hear the pentatonic scale being used in this demonstration.


Each set includes:

  • 5 sturdy, wooden tap bells
  • Wooden ‘shelf’ that the bells sit in for consistent and accurate note sounds 
  • Easy to understand, coloured bells and knobs
  • Songbook with easy-to-read, colour coded notes relating to the colours of each bell
  • Extra coloured stickers and and music sheets for children to notate their own melodies
  • An additional ‘Tiny Tones’ songbook for free digital download after purchase -  exclusive to Tiny Tones customers.

👶🏼 Play beautiful music from as early as 12 months of age - No bad notes!

🎁 A popular choice with parents and grandparents for that main birthday or Christmas present. 

“The best musical instrument / toy for 1 year olds”

🎓 Also much loved by music educators, early childhood centres, Occupational Therapists and NDIS providers across Australia.

This instrument can stand the test of time and be passed down through future generations.


Suitable for ages 12m+ Always to be used with parental supervision.

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