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Orff Set

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There are just so many benefits to playing percussion instruments.

It increases coordination, ambidextrousness, enables self-expression, sparks creativity, relieves stress, enhances mood, increases brain development.

This 13-piece set has easy-to-play percussion instruments, and will leave little musicians feeling proud of the music they’ve made. You can rest assured that this set contains sustainably made genuine instruments. Our German manufacturers are highly experienced instrument craftsman; this is not a set of toys!

Set includes:

  • Two-tone block
  • Guiro shaker
  • Clave set
  • Mini shaker (heavy)
  • Mini shaker (light)
  • Beechwood rakatak (high pitch)
  • Rosewood rakatak (low pitch)
  • 2 bell sticks
  • Finger rattle
  • 2 wrist bells
  • Mallet
  • Wooden case

This set is ideal for families with siblings, early music education centres, schools, kindergartens, group activities and much more. When treated with care, it will last through many hours of play.

Suitable for ages 3+ Always to be used with parental supervision. Items should NOT be used for teething. 
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