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Wooden Xylophone - 8 Key

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You probably know how beneficial it is for a child (well, anyone) to play an instrument. This beechwood xylophone is the perfect introduction to music for any child.

It’s easy to get a nice sound out of, meaning they won’t become discouraged because it ‘sounds bad’. Simply tap the perfectly tuned wood pieces with the mallets, and before you know it, they’re making music.

Music, put simply, is made up of two parts; melody and rhythm. A tuned percussion instrument (such as this one) allows children to engage with both.

Create different rhythms with the mallets, as well as combinations of notes with the ‘keys’.

The PlayMe wooden xylophone has:

    • 8 perfectly tuned keys comprising of a C major scale (C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C) 
    • Elegantly designed beechwood base with storage holes for mallets
    • 2 wooden mallets
    • Sturdy materials and construction to last many hours of playing
  • Expertly crafted in Taiwan.

This is one of those beautiful sounding and gorgeous, high-quality items that will be passed down through generations. 

    Suitable for ages 3+

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