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October 27, 2020 2 min read

’Music can change the world’


It can’t cure illness, but it can change the world. Through sparking joy, love, interaction and even pain relief. At Tiny Tones, we have always been so passionate about the benefits of music in early childhood, that we identified very early on that we wanted to donate to a music therapy charity. It took us some months, but after much reading and research, in January we found and made contact with Priyanka, founder of The Lily Calvert Foundation. 🙌 ❤️

Music therapy changed the life of baby Lily who died when she was 10 months old from a terminal brain condition. Music gave Lily so much joy and happiness, and gave her family ways to communicate with Lily and memories they carry for a lifetime without her.

Lily’s mamma Priyanka, and her family (pictured right) set up the charity in Lily’s memory and today, we at Tiny Tones are thrilled to launch The Lily Calvert Music Therapy Kits in partnership with the Lily Calvert Foundation. The program aims to spark joy from music and encourage families to explore music therapy through donating musical care kits to children who are in a palliative care program all across Australia. The kits will be proudly donated by us at Tiny Tones. They include a selection of Lily’s favourite music therapy instruments and songs. The kits consist of a range of quality and sustainable wooden percussion instruments that are appropriate for young children of all abilities. They have been selected to be useful in music therapy settings for ages 0-6.

We are so very proud to donate $5 from every sale for these musical care kits (an example pictured above). So YOU too can enjoy the warm feeling that you are helping bring some joy to families who are going through the unimaginable. Or to donate directly you can visit www.lilycalvert.com and donate directly.

Available also in our store is a 'Lily Calvert Music Therapy Kit which you may purchase for your children at home or as gift. It is a similar and naturally beautiful kit, inspired by Lily Calvert and the foundation. See it HERE. 

You may also browse our Musical Therapy collection. The collection includes a wide range of quality pieces that may assist with harnessing the therapeutic benefits of music.

Love and music to all ❤️ 🎶